Skies and Mentors

This past weekend I joined some friends on a cabin getaway in the snow.  We were worried the resort would be closed on Saturday due to a snowstorm in the area so we prudently moved our skiing from Saturday to Sunday.  My friends and I woke early on Sunday but were eager to hit the…

Divine Doctrine and Spiritual Experience

As a young adult living in California, I love to travel and experience all that God has created.  Road tripping to see the crystal clear blue water of Tahoe, cruising on ATVs on the never-ending, golden sand dunes of Pismo Beach, falling asleep on a houseboat in Lake Shasta with a view of the magnificent…

How to be Yours

In times of feeling inadequacy, I’ve distanced myself from God and church community, because I haven’t felt like I was enough.  As adults, we’re supposed to be cleaning up messes, not making them. We’re into 401(k)s saving for retirement, planning when to have a baby, eating a balanced meal, have an organized calendar, tithe regularly, and…


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About Me

City-dweller, noodle lover, camera collector and fan of everything with a lens. I’m always trying out new gear. Edison is my outlet to share my new discoveries with the world.

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